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The Unfake Wedding of Marie + Vic, v.1

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Abby Jiu Photography

Because this wedding is near and dear to my heart, it’s coming in a series because I want to share so much of it, and the story behind it as well.

Marie and I go way back. I met Marie when I transferred out of the Stupid Biology Class into the Smart Biology Class in our sophomore year of high school, about a week or so into the new year when I realized that I was actually better in science than I thought. A mutual friend encouraged me to do so as there was an open spot at their lab table during the same period, so all I had to do was change a class and not rearrange my whole dang schedule. That open spot? Right next to Marie.

Even though I was part of the punk rock/social misfit group and Marie was part of the pretty and popular crowd, we became friends. We dissected a fetal pig together. We named her Wilma (we wanted Wilbur, but our pig was a lady pig). We went to different colleges, but holidays at home were spent in pursuit of under-aged drinking and clubbing and other various forms of, um, er….. debauchery. Yes, debauchery is a fine word. Let’s leave it at that, shall we? I mean, my mom reads this shit.

As we progressed into adulthood, we maintained sporadic contact, but always managed to touch base and see each other, kind of when I needed it the most, whether realized or not. I saw her when I lived in LA and it was at a time when I needed a piece of my past, a piece of home to help me remember who I was and what I wanted from myself. She visited me in Chicago on more than one occasion, helping me celebrate my 30th birthday with a huge bang. The night of the actual party (it was a weekend long event), there was chaos and total drunkenness that ended in a lost party-goer and late-night-diner hijinks that included resuscitating a breakfast burrito. Don’t ask…..

And of course she came to Nashville. She fit right in with my friends there, so much so that she went to see a musician friend of mine play when he toured to her town a few weeks later. Another Nashville girlfriend visited DC and they all ended up crashing in the bed together after a night on the town. I introduced her to my friend Michele, who ended up moving to DC for a job. Michele spoke at Marie’s wedding. With Marie, it’s just this circle of life that keeps on spinning and including new people into her world as time marches on. And goddamn Marie, she looks the same as she did in high school! Smile

And intertwined in all of this, there were the boys. Oh, the boys. Always about the boys. My boys. Her boys. The drama of the boys. There was actually a time where she met a boy in DC before I met the boy in Nashville, just to make sure he wasn’t a nut job. Now THAT’S a friend. There was always a play-by-play, blow-by-blow account of the boy-drama via email, text, MySpace and Facebook. When I think of it all now, it exhausts me.

So a couple of years ago, Marie was invited to a wedding in Bali. At the time, I was traveling overseas and I thought I might be able to swing an extra flight from Hong Kong to Bali and not interrupt my trip too terribly. I would get to see Marie and Michele too. I missed that opportunity because of schedule conflicts. I’m a bit sad about that now, because that’s where Marie met her husband Vic, affectionately called The Wookie by friends and family.

Think of the irony of it. She had to fly half way around the world to meet a guy who lived about an hour away from her in “the real world.”

Much like my experience with The Candyman, there wasn’t a lot of boy-drama with Vic. Things rolled along, they stayed together. I never got any emails or text messages from Marie about incidences or issues. Cozy pictures of them as a couple showed up on Facebook. I remember a phone call from her while I was planning my wedding. She asked me what it felt like to be engaged. We talked about the commitment level and how it all felt different than before, different than any other boys we had dated, even for extended periods of time. After that phone call, I knew. I just knew she’d found her Forever Boyfriend (coined by Inconceivable Life). Not long afterwards, I found out Vic was moving in with her. She played it down, but I was all happy-happy-joy-joy at the news.

Then finally, on a trip they took out west together, The Wookie proposed. In a lightening fast flurry of planning, they were married 6 months later. I helped with the Save the Dates. I provided insight where I could. I listened and attempted to smooth a few of the bumps along the way when it came to the challenges we all face when planning our weddings. I like to think I helped.

So before I get into her Unfake Wedding and her bride-answers to all questions inappropriate and otherwise, I just HAVE to pay homage to our friendship – one that spans a really fucking long time and a myriad of hair styles.  Please forgive the antiquity of some of these pictures. You know, we used to have FILM a long time ago….


Seniors, 1988


Pre-debauchery, 1989

10 year reunion, 1998 (that tongue is Marie’s signature pose, I swear).

Chicago, 1999

DC, New Year’s Eve 2001


A friend’s rehearsal dinner, 2004

me and marie

Nashville, 2006


20 year reunion, 2008


My wedding with Michele, 2009


Marie’s rehearsal dinner, 2011

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Old friends are the best friends. My advice? Keep the good ones close. When it comes to friendships, better and fewer outweigh quanity any ol' day. So stick around to check out more from Marie’s amazing wedding!

Reader Comments (6)

Way small world. I knew I recognized that first photo. Holly Chapple is doing my flowers for my wedding in August. And I recognize that late 80s high school graduation hair style. Wore a similar one in '87 graduating from Herndon! Such a wonderful story of friendship!

June 23, 2011 | Unregistered Commentermichelle

I just cried. Thank you for this. You brought up stuff I didn't even remember!! Love ya girl. xoxoxoxo

June 23, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMarie

@Wee - It took me FOREVER to post this today because I kept getting all choked up about shit.

June 23, 2011 | Registered CommenterLouise

What a beautiful backstory. I loved hearing about your adventures! There's nothing better than a solid friend.

June 23, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterlyn

@ MIchelle - HERNDON!?! Awesome. Big Hair United!

June 23, 2011 | Registered CommenterLouise

What a wonderful story! That couldn't have been my daughter you were talking about in high school!! You were a lifesaver to us at the wedding and truly a wonderful friend to Marie. From the Save the Dates to the final dance you were there for all of us. Thank you. Love, Terry

June 23, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMarie's Mom

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