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{Featured Post} Ann Summers Lingerie Warms Up Christmas…

One of the very first buying jobs I ever had was with a lingerie company.  As an assistant buyer, I was allowed control of a few divisions. I bought crotchless panties and plus size hosiery. As an assistant I had first choice to all the samples before our annual sample sale. My lingerie collection back then was shall we say, unparalleled, except by perhaps actual strippers.

One thing I’ve learned about lingerie is that guys love it and women want it comfortable. I mean, there was a time when “I buy lingerie” was apparently the hottest thing I could say. At social functions, someone would ask me what I did for a living, I’d tell them and I’d be swarmed with men (and some women) who thought that my job made me more inclined to sleep with them. They were wrong, of course, but it did help me realize the power of the panty.

This brings me to the point of today’s post, sponsored by Ann Summers. {WORKPLACE WARNING: sexy stuff you might not want your boss to see you looking at!}

The power of the panty is a strong one. I recently showed The Candyman a website with pictures full of sexy women in GRANNY PANTIES and he was all, “Do not tell me the name of that website. I don’t need another time suck.” Do not under-estimate the power of the Wife in Lingerie, either. I’m just sayin’.


Buying lingerie online isn’t as tricky as it seems, especially the sexy stuff. I’ve done it before with relative success. True, the strap may not fall exactly where you want it, but in the case of this kind of lingerie, it really doesn’t matter. As long as you can get it on your body, I can pretty much guarantee that 99.9% of the time, it will serve it’s purpose. Smile

So let’s talk about Ann Summer knickers (I mean, it’s across the pond, let’s use the appropriate verbiage, no?) for a second. Sexy doesn’t mean a g-string that rides up your crack.  Sexy is as sexy does and sexy is mostly about how you feel.

Clip_6 Clip_7

These would be my top two choices in terms of sexy stuff. The gold glimmer stuff would go with my skin and it’s plain enough for me to be comfy in. The fact that is has a matching bra is a bonus.  The little skirt on the right? I’d pair it with some regular sexy black briefs. A little coverage so I don’t feel weird, but it also has garters. Garters are key in sexy lingerie. I don’t know what it is, but I think they drive every man insane. Perhaps it’s because they don’t really understand how they work. Or maybe it’s just the old timey-ness of them. Who knows. They work. And they are easy-peasy to buy online.

As I was checking out this Ann Summers brand (I actually care about who my sponsors are), I stumbled across an article:  Ann Summers is looking for their next model for 2012. 


They had “real” women submit applications and they narrowed it down to these 10 women. I’ll bet most are aspiring models, but it’s nice they appear to have selected a decent range of different looks and body types. I like that. They reached out to real women to show that we don’t all have to have tits made of anything other than actual boob flesh to be sexy.  My personal favorite:


I like the fact that the lingerie has more coverage and I LOVE that she’s got tattoos across her knuckles that read: HAUS WIFE.

This website has a good selection of super-sexy, erotic stuffs for the adventurous (or the curious) as well as goodies that are slightly more vanilla. I think the most important thing to realize when you’re considering lingerie is to choose what YOU like first while keeping your partner in mind. When you feel your sexiest, it really won’t matter what he says he likes. Trust me on this one!

So go check out Ann Summers and then come back here and tell me what you like. Thongs? High waisted panties? The nipple tassel thingies? Do tell.

*This is a sponsored post by Ann Summers.


{Featured Post} Interflora

OK, so this featured post is somewhat near and dear to my heart….

Way back in the day when I was a lowly assistant buyer, I had the world’s WORST boss. Seriously, she was Super-Mega-Bitch 2000. At one point on a business trip together she said and did something that I just thought was hideous – morally and ethically wrong. In my exasperation I pretty much told her she might go to Hell (she was an Eastern Orthodox Catholic and it was the only thing I thought might mean something to her). Her response? “Yeah. I know.”

Yeah. After that trip I started looking for a new job. I found one with FTD, the flower company. That’s when I started travelling overseas and doing all sorts of fun product development stuff that I ended up doing for the next 11 years.  Whenever we’d go to China or Thailand or wherever, me and my boss would get stupid-excited whenever we saw our little Interflora Mercury Man symbol. We actually tried to chase down an Interflora delivery van once with our video camera. Good times.

Basically, Interflora is the international way to send flowers and gifts to everyone you love world-wide! So when these folks asked me to write a little sumpin’-sumpin about gifts for women, I was more than happy to oblige. I mean, how could I not, right? 

Of course, flowers always make easy birthday gifts. You could go that route with roses or daisies or any number of flower combinations. I mean we’re talking about the number one flower company of all time. You can bank on their flowers every time. 

image image image

But you know, sometimes flowers can be predictable. Sending a present can be freakin’ expensive these days too. You have to buy the dang thing, wrap it, package it, go to the post office. Pain in the butt, no? No worries though because Interflora has some cool gift ideas for her that are non-floral. My favorite? The booze, natch.

image image image

Hello! Personalized champagne! Yes, please. And uh, you can buy these by the case. I’m just sayin’.

And don’t worry, you teetotalers can choose from boxes of chocolate, personalized cupcakes and food gift baskets. Lots to choose from.

So don’t just send a gift certificate or something equally lame. Everyone loves flowers! Or booze, or chocolates, or cupcakes…..get my drift?


{Sponsored Post!} The Last Detail

As a DIY-heavy bride myself, I‘m always a little hesitant when folks contact me about featuring favors and decorations and such that can be purchased on-line.

And that’s just dumb.

The reality is, not all of us are creative. Not all of us own hot glue guns, paper cutters or have a rainbow of cardstock supply at our fingertips. Not all of us care about DIY. Not all of us have the time, inclination or desire. Are you that kind of bride? It’s OK if you are because there is help. The Last Detail is a super-swank, on-line shopping experience that can make your wedding planning a smidge easier.

And if you are a DIY kind of bride? You know there’s always a project that goes a little, um, shall we say awry? If you find yourself in a pinch, you’ll like this post too! 

SO anyway, I really like the variety of products The Last Detail offers, from the wedding favours to table décor to bunting, signage and more. My personal favorites are the pretty little heart cut-out bunting and super-sweet dessert picks. The 20 picks have a range of quirky messages such as 'little fancies', 'dainty delights', 'take your pick', and 'pretty sweet'. Cute, no?

Clip_6 Clip_7

They have a nice selection of wedding guest books too, if you’d like to go the traditional route. However, I’m liking this alternate “Wishing Tree” option (though I do wish we’d all stop calling it a “Wishing Tree” – it just sounds lame to me).

Clip_4 Clip_5

Super-cute butterflies, right?

The other thing I like about this site is how it’s set up. You can shop by “range” (like a theme: Vintage Floral, The Black Collection) to save yourself some effort or you can browse products by color. Anything that saves a planning bride some time is key, no?

Lastly, they’ve got a cool “Ideas & Inspirations” section that helps you with coming up with a theme, or color direction. Now, don’t scoff at that. Having a direction helps with your planning, whether it be a motif, a color or even a location. The hard part is simply choosing! So go check out The Last Detail, you’ll be happy you did!

And don't forget! Today is the LAST DAY to enter win the Melissa Sweet Pre-Love Wedding Gown!


{$100 Giveaway!} Minted Sponsored Post

I’m a big ol’ fan of Minted, so I am pretty dang excited to have them as T30SB sponsor! And can I say I’m super-DUPER excited to give one of you crazy-lucky readers a $100 Minted gift certificate!?! Are you EXCITED?!?  Hm. Maybe I should back off on the caffeine this morning…

In case you aren’t familiar with Minted, it’s an online stationery store and community of independent graphic designers. They allow amazingly talented designers to showcase their wedding invitations, personal stationery and more in one spot ! It’s a T30SB-approved place for you to find the stationery that’s just right for you and help support independent designers too. We like supporting designers around here. *ahem*

Minted also has incredibly unique  wedding programs you can choose from to coordinate with your invites. They’ve also got menu cards and thank you notes and all sort of goodies that you can get with $100 Minted gift certificate! Want your stuff to be a little more personal? Want to add that handmade touch to your program? Cool, because Minted also has several DIY wedding program templates.  Simply download the DIY template, insert into your favorite Minted wedding program cover and make it your own by adding little doodads and such that coordinate with the feeling of your wedding.

They have a wide variety of styles and color choices to choose from. I could (and have) spent WAY to much time on their website.


Love Bird Wedding Invitations


Winter Flourish Wedding Programs


Bibliotheque Menu Cards


Sweet Linen Thank You Cards with Skinny Wrap Address Labels

So, how can you win the $100 gift certificate to Minted?  It’s sooooo easy!

1. Go have a look at their wedding programs or wedding invitations and let me know which one best suits your wedding by commenting below!

2. Get an extra entry by Tweeting this contest using this exact phrase: Enter to win $100 gift certificate from @Minted via @T30SB http://bit.ly/mSkhKr. Add an additional entry telling me you did this, because I will track it, yo.

3. Hang on until Monday, September 12th, when I’ll announce the winner, using Random.org to select.


*Minted is an T30SB approved sponsor and this is a sponsored post.


{Sponsored Post!} On-Line Marriage Preparation Course

He doesn’t look over 4000 weddings old, but he is! Who might I be referring to? That would be the Tennessee based non-denominational minister Ralph Griggs! When I asked him how many weddings he’s officiated, he said he stopped counting a few years ago, and it was over 4000 then! Can you IMAGINE the stuff he’s seen? My goodness!



A few personal words about Ralph, though this is a sponsored post. Ralph was our officiant and he’s punctual, he’s nice, he’s professional and he’s good. Really good. We could not have been happier, particularly since The Candyman and I didn’t have our own church in Nashville. And the thing is, he’s just a super-nice guy. There, my 2 cents on that.

But on to the good stuff! One of the great things about Ralph is his on-line marriage preparation course. I know this sounds, er, lame – but marriage prep is crucial. Marriage takes WORK! Regardless of how easy your relationship is right now, it might not always stay that way, particularly when a crisis rears it’s ugly head. And crises can happen, to both good and bad people. It’s best to know how you and your partner will act in difficult times.

Now when The Candyman and I met with Ralph, we were already in premarital counseling. We knew we had some rough areas of communication that definitely needed smoothing over and we nipped that sucker in the bud. However, that was a specific issue that we needed to work on. Ralph’s course asks questions that took us in all sorts of different directions. One of my favorite questions was, “If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?” It may seem like a pipe dream type of question, but it takes you through each person’s priorities. We answered separately and then shared our answers afterwards. It was surprising (and a relief) to know that we would do EXACTLY the same thing. What’s interesting, is that particular question really gave us insight into our relationship because one of the things we fought about was money (sometimes still do). However, knowing that the core, the things that we see as important, were the same now make those money-talks a lot easier.

Here are some additional things that the on-line marriage preparation course can do for you: 

  • Prevent unhappy surprises in your marriage. You don’t want to get into your marriage and say to your significant other, “I had no idea you thought that!” You should kinda know all the important stuff up front! It sounds simple, but isn’t always.
  • Build confidence in your relationship strengths and explore new areas. Premarital preparation made us feel more confident about our decision to marry. Period.
  • Get a heads-up on tricky relationship issues, and have some compromises worked out already. This was crucial for me and The Candyman and was well worth the time investment.
  • Begin marriage with the knowledge that your mate cares enough about the relationship to put some effort into making it grow. Amen.
  • It’s fun. I’m not blowing smoke here. When done right, premarital preparation is fun. It just makes you feel really good about your partner.

Some other benefits?

  • It’s the marriage course guys love. For real. The Candyman would not lie about something like this.
  • It’s the course anyone can do at home! You don’t have to find a therapist. You don’t have to schedule and drive somewhere. You don’t have to pay a $50 co-pay or more if you aren’t covered by insurance. You don’t have to tell private stuff to a stranger.
  • Yo, Tennessee couples, save $60! Did you know that if you partake in premarital prep you can save $60 on your marriage license?

You don’t have to live in Tennessee and you don’t have to have Ralph as your officiant to take part in the on-line marriage preparation course. You can already be married too! It's never too late to dig a little deeper with your partner, particularly when it's fun.

So go check it out and come back here an let me know what you think. How do you feel about pre-marriage prep?