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{Style Feature} A Plus-Size Guilty Conscience features Savannahred

So I’ve been sitting on this submission for months now.  I haven’t been waiting for the bride to get back to me because it’s not an Unfake Wedding. I wasn’t tapping my foot impatiently for the photographer to return my email or add in extra pictures of the cake. Nope, this was all me.

And sometimes this happens. Things get submitted and we, as blog editors, are sometimes quick to pull the trigger. It clears up our submission queue, gets things off our plate. The work gets “done.” Sometimes though, I let things simmer. Fester. Roll around in my noggin for a while.

I felt like these pictures needed a platform, but I wasn’t sure it was my platform they needed.

But then I got drunk this weekend via Skype with Hindsight Bride, Rogue Bride and Kiss My Tulle. We did a podcast together for the Bridal Kool-Aid Cocktail Hour. I do not pity Christie O. and her now HUGE job of editing that sucker.  We had several technical difficulties as well as many-a-sidebar about weddings, gowns, gossip, all while the tape was rolling. Our anticipated 1-2 hour podcast went on for over FOUR HOURS, all the while we (ok, maybe just me and Hindsight Bride with any sort of seriousness), got our drink on. I’ll wait to share the topic when it’s good to go, but I said something during the podcast that in hindsight, was a little insensitive.

We found during our podcasting that me, Rogue and Hindsight are all about the same build: 5’9-5’10” and relatively fit. When we were discussing our dress shopping experiences, I said that it was pretty easy for me to try on dresses.  It’s not too hard for tall, slim girls to rock a gown, it was simply difficult to find the gown that I liked.

The next day I was fondly recalling the conversation and I felt guilty about that comment. I didn’t really take my audience into consideration and in retrospect, I kind of pissed myself off. There are so many women out there who aren’t tall. There are so many women out there who aren’t a sample size. I can’t image trying to figure out what I would look like while I stood in a gown that was 6 sizes too small. Or 10 sizes too small. I mean, WTF? How do plus size brides even manage the dress buying process without having a complete fucking meltdown?

As I continued to wallow in my guilt, I started thinking about plus size models and my hatred for pre-pubescent, wafer thin models. And then I remembered this submission and knew that I’d been sitting on it for a reason. At first, I thought perhaps I’d be posting it to placate my guilt at my own insensitivity. True dat. Then I thought further and realized that by posting, I’d do a few things:

  1. Offer plus size brides and maids an option for super cute bridesmaid dresses.
  2. Help a fellow, small designer get her name out there.
  3. Attempt to thwart the evils of weight vs. fashion that is incredibly prevalent in our media, wedding blogs included.

So that beings us to the eye-candy of this mysterious post that I’ve been holding out on. It’s a fashion show by plus size designer Anslee Connell of Savannahred from Austin, Texas. The photographer, Jessica Monnich of Jessica Monnich Photography not only took some fun shots, but is a customer as well!

Photography  Jessica Monnich Photography

Dress Designer  Savvanahred

Jewelry Designer  Simmang Design

Venue  Lovely Austin



Ansleesfashionshow__Jessica_Monnich_Photography_IMG0731_low Ansleesfashionshow__Jessica_Monnich_Photography_IMG1451_low


Ansleesfashionshow__Jessica_Monnich_Photography_IMG0949_low Ansleesfashionshow__Jessica_Monnich_Photography_IMG1047_low

Ansleesfashionshow__Jessica_Monnich_Photography_IMG1136_low Ansleesfashionshow__Jessica_Monnich_Photography_IMG1306_low

Ansleesfashionshow__Jessica_Monnich_Photography_IMG1535_low Ansleesfashionshow__Jessica_Monnich_Photography_IMG1536_low


Ansleesfashionshow__Jessica_Monnich_Photography_IMG1617_low Ansleesfashionshow__Jessica_Monnich_Photography_IMG1805_low

Ansleesfashionshow__Jessica_Monnich_Photography_IMG1892_low Ansleesfashionshow__Jessica_Monnich_Photography_IMG0855_low

I love the throw back 80’s groove mixed with a bit of the pin-up girl look. It’s bright, it’s fun, it’s flattering and inspiring.

It makes me want to head into my own studio (which I’m about to do) to finish up some of my own projects! Thanks so much to Jessica for submitting. My apologies for the delay in responding to the submission, but sometimes things have to knock me up side the head before I find their right home.