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Cool Idea! Up-do Accessories!

OK, so yesterday I showed you The Giant Pouf. Today, I want to share this other idea I got from the photo shoot.

We had a model all dressed and ready to go and when I went to put whichever headpiece I had assigned to the dress on, it just didn’t work. We tried all sort of different pieces and it just wasn’t coming together with the dress and the hair. Frustrated, we called over the hairstylist to enlist her creativity.

We showed her our previous ideas, which she too dismissed. She looked through all the products, gently shaking her head, just as we had done. She asked me, “You got anything else?” I did, but they were things that were incredibly simple that I had kept packed up. I mean, after The Giant Pouf the plain things seemed sort of….dull.

I pulled out the few remaining goodies in my arsenal of hair toys and the hairdresser made a beeline straight for The Annabelle Headband exclaiming, “Ooooooh! This one!” However, we had already tried a ribbon-styled headband on the model and it just did not work with the look, which we all started protesting to her at the same time.

“No! Not as a headband! Like this!” and she immediately started twisting the headband into the incredible bun she had created, leaving the small, beaded accent toward the top of the up-do.

Check it out:


I simply adored her take on the headband and the idea of pinning pretty ribbon into a detailed up-do like this. I’ve seen flowers and sparkly pins and such pinned in, but never a ribbon. I simply had to share!

So what do you think? Do you love this idea or what?


I’m Afraid to DIY!

So things are pretty much on schedule. About this time last year, The Candyman and I sat down to do a review of finances. It was painful, as these discussions always are with us. We needed to figure out what our future expenses were going to be, how much money we’d have coming in, for how long and when we’d have to dip into our beloved savings to stay afloat. We had a good, bad and worst case scenario.

Let’s just say we’re right on track. *sigh*

The reality is we’re going to have to tighten the belt in yet another notch. *double sigh* And my car needs new tires. And Christmas is coming. And….blah blah blah. I don’t think there’s a person alive right now who doesn’t have a lot of the same concerns, issues, headaches. The sad thing is that it’s all-consuming, no? I wish the money chatter would get out of my head. Seriously, every now and again I think I could use a break from it. Sheesh.

One of the things I’ve decided to give up is my professional hair color. I can no longer justify the cost against my vanity. We need to save that money. Period.

I went through this madness a year ago and attempted to DIY my hair color right before I left Nashville to come to Charlotte. I was trying to jump the gun on that savings. I had called my hairdresser to ask her professional opinion regarding at-home products she might suggest. Let’s just say this: the bitch was no help at all. In fact, I do believe she was pissed at me for even calling. As a side bar, this TOTALLY pissed me off. I had spent the last SIX YEARS paying her an exorbitant sum of money plus a 20-30% tip as well as buying hair care products from her. The least she could do was give me a phone consult. And it’s not like I was dropping her for some other stylist (which I should have done long before), I was MOVING for crissake. I totally should have followed my gut on that one, but was too scared that someone might jack up my hair again (which is why I went to her in the first place. She does do good hair!).

ANYWAY, she was of no help whatsoever. I went to the Target, got totally overwhelmed by my choices and bought what I thought was the right thing and it totally wasn’t. I ended up with very scary, super-dark brown hair that looked like dark brown, dull, somewhat-ashy straw. I ended up going to J.Bangs Salon where I got my wedding day hair done and they fixed it up for me. Of course, they had to strip the color and all that kind of crap. It was a nightmare. I got scared again and kept paying to get my hair done.

Since then, I’ve done a little bit more research and now know that I should have used semi-permanent instead of permanent color. It turns out that folks with brown hair who have some gray (*ahem*) shouldn’t use permanent color for all sorts of reasons, noticeable root growth being one of them. A semi-permanent color makes your grays fade into “highlights” versus roots. I mean, that sounds like a no-brainer, but I just didn’t get it.

In my research I found that Good Housekeeping, Redbook, TotalBeauty.com  and Consumer Reports all listed Clairol Natural Instincts in their top ratings. Consumer Reports actually listed their Natural Instincts semi-permanent color for women, hair color for men and hair color for women of color as the best all around. Good to know. I trust those guys.


So Clairol Natural Instincts SEMI-permanent color is what it’s going to be. I’m terrified to do this, y’all. What if I pick the wrong color? I think I might turn this into a T30SB DIY experiment because if I’m taking pictures and thinking about how I might write the post, it might help dilute some of the terror involved in doing my own hair.

The reality is this: I have a shit-ton more gray than I think I should have at this age. However, I’m probably just in denial about this age. I’ve got these natural highlights at my temples that I’ve always referred to as my racing stripes. BG (Before Gray), they’d get super-light in the summer and if I pulled my hair straight back, they’d literally show as two lines down my head in a very Bride of Frankenstein sort of way that I thought was cool.


The sad thing is that as I look at my hair now, those stripes are clearly more gray than “highlights” and I’m guessing the B of F look will be adopted sometime in the future. The future being like 20 years from now when I can go gray and perhaps not feel so much like a 12 year old trapped in a 41 year old package.

So now’s your chance. Give me your at-home thoughts ASAP because this shit is about to happen. PLEASE don’t tell me not to do it because that decision has already been made and I must. If you tell me not to it will only make me feel bad. And that “feeling bad” mental real-estate has already got a mortgage payment that smacks of  a 2007 Fannie Mae subprime adjustable-rate loan.


Vintage Wedding Hair

Ever since I started focusing on vintage materials for TruLu Couture, I’ve come across some interesting facts. This, coupled with the recent addition of Mad Men to Netflix streaming, has kept me in a mind-flurry of vintage everything. Something I didn’t realize is that hair dryers weren’t invented for personal home use until the early 1960’s! Could you image? I remember when I was little wearing a plastic cap that had a hose connected to it that was attached at it’s other end to  a machine that looked like a small sized vacuum cleaner. It was the hair dryer. I remember my mom piling my wet hair up into the shower-cap like head gear and I would immediately fall asleep to the warmth and white noise the contraption made.

What would we do without our flat irons, ceramic heat blow dryers and limitless supply of “product?” I shudder to think of such things. It makes sense now when you think of the date-refusal cliché of “I have to wash my hair tonight.” Seriously, without a blow dryer, that shit could take all night long to accomplish. GAH.

So if you’re planning a vintage-style wedding or if you’re wanting a retro-inspired updo, here’s some historical pics and modern versions to compare them to…

In the 1930’s, women were wearing their hair in soft finger waves, a very feminine and contrasting approach to the boyish bob of the rebellious flappers of the 1920’s.

Actress Mary Pickford circa 1930’s.

Actress Mary Brian circa 1930’s

The 1940’s saw lots of pin curls and up-do’s. The chignon made it’s debut. Western women generally wore theirs up high, adding a mountain of curls on top of the head (think Lucille Ball). East Asian women wore theirs low at the nape of the neck, as it was easier to wear hats with a smooth crown.

After the war, “Victory Rolls” were all the rage. “Victory Rolls” were originally the name for a fighter plane maneuver and women adopted the term for the rolls of hair to celebrate victory in WWII.

Actress Lynn Bari circa 1940’s

imageActress/Singer Lena Horn circa 1940’s

imageVictory rolls, late 1940’s

1950's hairstyles emphasized traditional gender roles. Women's hair was long, curled and high maintenance. Glamour was all the rage and women attempted to achieve a look that implied “domestic goddess” with the impression that all household chores could be accomplished whilst still looking stylish. Yeah, right. Not without a big ol’ bottle of Prozac.

imageActress/Princess Grace Kelly, circa 1950’s

imageActress Elizabeth Taylor, circa 1950’s.

1950’s Glamour

So do you want a modern version of some of these vintage styles? OK, here you go:

imageVia From Me to You.

imageVia Hot 1940’s Hairstyles

imageVia From Me to You.

imageVia Diva by Design

imageVia 100 Layer Cake.


imageVia A to Zinnia’s.


imageVia The Wedding Co.


imageVia Tiger Lilie Salon


Via Luv in the Mommyhood.


Via Ruffled.

I actually did my hair in a little vintage style when The Candyman and I went out to celebrate my birthday Saturday night (which we did last night too – I’m a lucky girl!). I basically created my own little faux bob, following the tutorial from ……love Maegan.  I wore it with an old Free People 1950's-esque dress (though I'm boycotting them now), a wide black leather belt with cool harware detailing and platform stappy heels with similar hardware. I think it looked cool! But anyway, if you don’t already follow Maegan, you should. She kinda kicks ass and is a DIY queen. I wish I had a picture of my hair to show you! It really looked cute and was fairly easy. I just let my hair go naturally curly, unlike Maegan who hot rolled hers, I think.

Anyway, I’m loving these vintage hair looks for weddings, or for just dressing up! Thoughts? Do tell.


Get Your Tiara On (NOT a Royal Wedding post)

I feel like a bag full of assholes1 today and wasn’t planning on writing anything. The Cedar tree pollen is raping my face. The Candyman is suffering as well. New state, new spring allergies to fuck with us both. FAN-tastic! So I’m already a might bit surly, with nastiness running down the back of my throat, occasionally pit-stopping in my mouth. Nice, right? Y’all are lucky I’m not feeling more descriptive today.

I was tooling around the interwebs and happened across a planner’s blog. I’m not going to link the tool because I certainly don’t want to encourage traffic there. The mystery blog’s post was in regards to tiaras, Princess Kate’s borrowed Cartier (can you imagine that conversation? “Yo, HRH! Can I borrow some bling?” OK, maybe not…) and a description of “What’s Hot and What’s Not.” From the post…

…eschewing my earlier warning. Now that we’ll see trends pouring out of the UK and into mass retail for brides to consume with utter abandon, take heed and avoid the tiara . . . we advise against the fake-it-till-you-make-it adage here, girls. Your $32 Moissanite version ain’t. cutting. it.

OK, so in the less than 10 minutes I spent on this blog, I saw the word “eschew” no less than 3 times. OK, Mr. Fancy Pants. We get it. There were some pictures of tiaras that the author posted as lame. Were they lame? Yeah, kinda. But they also looked like they were circa 1998.

I definitely left a “shame on you” comment because what I think is LAME is the attitude. There ain’t a damn thing wrong with a fake-it-till-you-make-it approach to weddings. I mean, holychristonabike, that’s what my wedding was ALL ABOUT!  My favorite blogs are the ones that gave me inspiration that wasn’t Cartier or Stuart Weitzman or letterpress invitations or Lily of the Valley bouquets or Vera Wang. And to this very day, I look back at my wedding and think I did a damn fine job of faking it, thank you very much.

So in a retaliation post of sorts (here I go, starting a ruckus again), I’m going to feature TIARAS, mothereffers. Pretty ones. Ones that don’t suck. Ones that aren’t Cartier. That WIC planner can suck it.




Rose and Leaf Tiara from Twigs and Honey, $195


Jenny Packman via Studded Hearts


Corbin Gurkin Photography




BHLDN $145



Helena Tiara from Tigerlily, $100

My advice to this planner (now that I’ve calmed down a bit) is this: how about constructive criticism versus leading brides away from a trend they really might want. How about, “avoiding dated ribbon curls or pointy buns or tiaras that don’t seem to fit?” How about helping the bride with her wedding day hair and talking about options? Ask how she really wants to look and feel on her wedding day. How about researching the look for affordable unique designs that don’t have to smack of tacky? Sheesh.

So there. Go ahead and get your princess on.

1Feeling coined by Marie, the day after my wedding. 



I remember when I was a little girl, I had long hair. It wasn't nearly as curly then as it is now (why?) and I remember sitting in front of my mom's dressing mirror watching while she did my hair. I specifically remember a morning that was "picture day" at school. The night before my mom had painstakingly wrapped my hair in a bazillion of those squishy pink rollers so that by morning my hair would be ready for ringlets and the school photographer. After all the time and energy spent on that, she asked me how I wanted my hair: half-way up? All of it down? My reply? "BRAIDS! I want braids today!" The look on my mom's face quickly told me that braids were not going to be a part of school picture day and I settled into her brushing my curls around her fingers to make the long ringlets that were to be my 'do for the day.

So, have you noticed that braids are like, everywhere these days? I see all these plaited hair styles and it reminds me of that day with my mom all the time. You've got the Heidi-esque look that wraps around your head. You've got the new fish-tail braid too. Messy braids, big fat braids, lots of teeny-weeny braids - the options really are limitless. Last week  I tried my hand at the fish-tail braid. I used this tutorial from You Tube, mostly because I liked the girl's accent and  how she time-warped her camera speed so I wouldn't have to sit there and wait while she finished her big, giant "plait." Because my hair is not  blond or disgustingly shiny, my plait certainly didn't look like hers, but I got the job done. The top of my hair looked like ass (I also visited my colorist and stylist later in the same week), but I plopped on a hat and the cool braid became the focal point and I was good to go. Will definitely try my hand at it again some time. 

In the meantime, I spent some time on the interwebs checking out all sorts of fun braids and I've posted some of my favorites below. Not that there is a tutorial link on the first picture. You can also find some other DIY hair how-to's at Hair Romance and A Cup of Jo has some great ones too. You can always hit up You Tube for tutorials, but sometimes you've got to wade through a ton of crap to get a good one.

See the DIY tutorial for this look here.



I wish my hair was this long and this color.









So what do you think about the whole braid trend? Are you on it like white on rice? When wearing braids do you have an undefined urge to visit the Alps while sporting lederhosen and getting your yodel on? Do you consider that a bad thing? To plait or not to plait - that is today's question. Discuss.