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I Fell Through the Ceiling and Wore Priscilla of Boston, III



 Yeah, that's right. I just gave you the money shots right out of the gate! Blammo! How's this for bling first thing? Love it, right? Me too! OK, first is the crazy-big-sexy-pearl-bejeweled-bedazzled chest plate of a necklace. I LOVE IT! Sadly, I did NOT get to wear it. *pout*

 Next in the line up of holy-gorgeous-goodness is ruffled and bejeweled cuffs!   They tie on with pretty little ribbons. That front pattern was really cool! It was bling mixed with a raw cotton material and a satin ribbon. It was just a really great mix of color and texture and was elegant and totally hip at the same time. Loved it! I didn't get to wear that one either. *pout*

 The third one was a little more rough and tumble - lace with leather and antique brooches and Cameos. Not sure about the snaps though - not very bridal in my eyes. But then again, I'm sure a super-cool chick could rock that look, right? Cool, regardless of use. I think we can all agree to that, right? No, not these either. *POUT*

OK, so maybe I saved just a little sumpin'sumpin for the end....

 OK, not a very good picture on my behalf, but still shiny and sparkly and blingtastic, right?!? And you guessed it. *POUT* I mean damn! What's a girl gotta do to get some bling on? Poo.

Last, but not least, a big schmooshy hug to Charlotte from The Bride Room! Thanks for letting me rock some fly dresses! I guess I can't pout too much.

SQUEEEEEE! Look how giant I am and how petite Miss Charlotte is! This picture makes me smile.




I Fell Through the Ceiling and Wore Priscilla of Boston, II

Aiy. I am so sore. Even though I only have a few bumps and brusies (OK, one bruise is particularly heinous) I didn't feel all the bad Sunday morning. By the time I got home from Carnevale, I felt like I'd fallen through a ceiling or something!             Oh yeah, riiiiiiight.

OK, so Carnevale. I don't think I've ever sat in a salon chair for that long before! Whew. There was inordinate amount of time spent on hair and makeup!  I think it would have been more fun if I hadn't felt all totally old and shit. I mean, my God, some of these girls had to have been born when I was old enough drive. When I hang out with people my own age, you don't feel quite so old as when you're hanging out with the younger crowd. It didn't help that the stylist called out my hair as a mess. Yes, a mess. A mess because I have gray hair. A lot. I found my very first gray hair on the morning of my thirtieth birthday. No lie! I've been rapidly graying ever since and have been coloring my hair for a looooong time. If y'all haven't noticed, I'm fair with freckles and I have kinda auburn-ish hair. That auburn is my actual color, just "enhanced." And it's REALLY hard to find a colorist who can do true auburn hair that doesn't look orange or purple.  I don't want to do full color because it's harder to control roots that way. I like the way I have it now. I LIKE a little of the gray showing. In fact, I pay an ungodly amount of money to keep some of that gray in. I don't mind it. In fact, it's the one thing about aging I'm cool with. I totally plan to go totally gray. I'm so going to be that crazy, wild-haired old lady. But you know, when I'm 60. Not now. So I was feeling a little self-conscious about my age and I get a comment like that from some twenty-nothing with face piercings, a weak chin, bad skin and a dye-job that indeed, was a bit of a mess. Yeah, I know - but she started it!!

Anyway, I lost a little of my mojo that day. Feeling self-conscious, none of the "models" were being super-friendly. I was SOOOOO happy the girls from The Bride Room were there. Those chicks are so cool and so much fun - even when they're all crazy busy in the middle of a fashion show. I was impressed.

The best part of Carnevale was definitely the fashion show though. The dresses were so gorgeous. There were some interesting hair-do's too. 




And then there were hair toys!



Are you inspired at all? I REALLY liked the hair in the very first photo. It was by the far the most naturally pretty of all the hair. I wish I had taken a picture from the front or other side. It looked totally romantic with the lace Amsale gown she was in. I liked the red head with the braids too, but it could have been done so much better! For her last dress, it was thrown up into a messy bun to go with the gown she was rockin'! Look how cute she is. Oh and this dress? To die for!

I love the messy pearls! Tell me she's not adorable. It was her first fashion show too!


So in love with these gowns!

I was a little nervous about walking down the runway. No one wants to trip and trust me, this catwalk was a bit scary! The thing that calmed my nerves was that I saw Eugene at the very end of the catwalk and was so at ease! Eugene? Oh, he's a part of Heather and Eugene from 2Duce2 Videography. I love them. See:

So I have a confession and I don't think Eugene is going to like it. I did NOT want a videographer at our wedding. Did not. I HATE being filmed. Hate it. Eugene knows this. Cameras are OK, but video? Uh uh. But ya wanna know the truth? When I saw Eugene at the end there, I just relaxed. I felt completely at peace. Perhaps that would have happened if we had hired them. So I'm going to say this, if there's something that you don't want to do, maybe hearing out an expert or just reviewing another option might be worthwhile. I'm just sayin'.

Oh! This totally reminds me of something! I need to pass on information that I think is pretty important. Brides, if you meet with a vendor and for whatever reason you do not decide to go with them, let them know. Particularly if you know you are NOT moving forward. A quick voice mail or email of "Thanks, but we've decided to go with another vendor. We appreciate your time and thank you for meeting with us." is plenty and is all any sane vendor will need. You do not owe a reason why. Keep it simple and clear.  It will save a vendor a lot of time and worry wondering how a meeting went for them!

On that note,  I will end this post on the one half-way decent pic I have from the show so far. It was right before our first pass. I was wearing Priscilla of Boston (duh) and it had POCKETS! It felt incredible regal and quite comfy. The girl next to me looks amazing in her gown, no? Love the ruffles!


Hopefully, I'll have a few more (and better pics) to share of all the gowns. I do have more bling to show! You'll have to wait for it though.....



Bridal Show Fun

Sunday was Weddings - Bridal Show held at the Nashville Convention Center. It was a ton of fun! In a quick post from Sunday, I mentioned that I went with Liza from Maiden to Married, my bridal coach. We ate way too much cake, but had a great time chatting up friends and making new ones!

Welcome, Liza!

Tasting cake samples along the way, we stopped by my photographer's booth Jonathon Campbell Photography. This next two shots are courtesy of JCP!

Check out Jonathon's hottie wife Sharon and her awesome red shoes!

While we were chit-chatting away, I saw Ashley from Ashley's Bride Guide wandering around with one of her brides. We got ready for a photo op of brides and bloggers when Jessica, The Budget Savvy Bride walked past! We nabbed her too and got a great shot of all!

L to R Jessica, Louise, Liza, Ashely, Jen (I think that was her name! Sorry!).

Ashely and her shameless promotion!

Heather and Eugene Brown of 2Duce2 Videography. Their stuff is amazing!

And I'm sure that these two will have something to say about me not having a videographer at my wedding (budget), but it was fabulous to meet these two. Eugene is a hugger. Heather follows my blog. I want this couple to be my new best friends.

Spooning at the mattress booth. We thought it was funny.

Good times.

We met a ton of people, all of whom I can't recall, but will do my best! Maples Wedding Cakes is of course, a Nashville go-to for gorgeous cakes. We ran into Zach and Jody Gray of Gray Photography and had a great conversation with Zach about marriage, albeit a brief one! Party Booths was big fun, as you can tell from me and Liza, hamming it up in my earlier post. OK, so maybe we hammed it up all over the show. I mean, come on! We were totally hopped up on butter cream and chocolate. What else were we supposed to do? Thanks to all for a great time!


Big Bridal Fun

Weddings, The Bridal Show was held this weekend at the Convention Center here in Music City. Sharon over at Jonathon Campbell Photography hooked me and Liza from Maiden to Married up with some tickets. So sweet!

Liza and I had such a blast wandering around the show, chatting up people we knew and making new friends (not to mention making ourselves just a little ill from tasting cake samples!). I met Jessica (The Budget Savvy Bride), Ashley from Ashley's Bride Guide and Zach and Jody of Gray Photography, among many other wonderfully fun people.

I'll blog more about the details of the event later in the week, but I wanted to share the bestest part of the whole day with you as soon as I could.

We couldn't resist having a little fun with the photo booth at Party Booths! Clockwise from top left: Louise and Liza; Cheeky Grins. Louise and Liza: Flashing the Bling. Louise and Liza: Over the Shoulder Shot (with Liza winning the I-Have-Great-Tits Contest). Louise and Liza: Showing our L.A. love by throwing our best gang signs.
First, that photo booth has great lighting. Second, my hair could have been more gross, but only if I had not washed it, which I did.

OK, off to bed I go! More BIG exciting news tomorrow!


FREE Nashville Premier Bridal Show Tickets, Sponsored by Jonothan Campbell Photography

Hey, all you Nashville area brides! My amazing photographer, Jonathon Campbell is sponsoring a give-away right here on The Thirty-Something Bride's blog!

They are offering two FREE tickets to Nashville's Premier Bridal Show, being held this Sunday, July 12th at The Nashville Convention Center. This is where I met the boy-wonder photographer Jonathon and his lovely wife, Sharon. Here's a shot of their booth from the January show where me and The Candyman met JC!

As you may have read in my past blog about hunting for the perfect photographer, you know that I did not leave one photographic stone unturned. I have not one regret in my decision to choose JCP as my moment-capturer for the day of The Big Show.

Here's proof (pun intended) positive of why I think they are so incredibly awesome. Check out some of my favorites from our engagement shoot!

Come on! They scouted a Candy Shop in honor of The Candyman!

Daisy Duke, eat your damn heart out.

Engagement shoot fun with Sharon Campbell!

So you want free tickets, huh? This is a $20 value! Besides, if you win, you get to meet me and I'll even intro you to the fabulous Sharon and Jonathon. Liza Hippler from Maiden to Married will be with me too. How can you resist, right? ;)

Bridal shows can be overwhelming if you're not ready for them. Plan to to be overwhelmed, but plan to have fun too. Don't sign up for things you have no interest in as you'll be bombarded with emails. I highly suggest heading over to mybridemail.com to set up a free account specific to your wedding vendors. Trust me, I wish I'd done this myself.

Here's what you've gotta do to win the FREE tickets! Just head over to the JCP website or their fun blog, pick out your favorite picture and come back here and leave a comment about it. Don't worry, I won't play favorites if you don't choose my pictures! I'll choose a winner at random.org and announce the winner on Friday!

To my Nashville bridal bloggers (you know I love you) - please help spread the word locally!

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