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{Unfake Boudoir Shoot!} T30SB Loves Hillary.


So I’m trying to post more Boudoir Shoots. Why? Because I believe that dressing up sexy and having fabulous photographs taken of you must be an incredibly empowering activity. So far, the women I’ve asked say so. I can’t speak first hand, but I plan to. Some day. Soon.

Today’s Boudoir Shoot was graciously shared with me from one of my favorite brides Hillary, of Brocade Design Arts (florist extraordinaire) who has been featured here before. First, she was the amazing recipient of the life changing experience, What Not to Wear. I also shared her kick-ass engagement shoot pictures here. And to further expound on her amazingness, she also hired me to make her hair toy and embellish her bridal sash. Suffice to say that I am chomping at the bit to see those dang wedding pictures! GAH!

Anyway, I love that she did a boudoir shoot! I mean, this girl just takes the bulls by the horns and does stuff. I love that. And I love this shoot.

I was looking at the boudoir pictures here at home and The Candyman walked it and started looking over my shoulder and was all, “Hello! Who the hell is that and please tell me you’re putting her on your blog. She’s hot. Hey, why don’t YOU have some of that lingerie…..” I sweetly cut him off and answered that I was indeed going to feature her and that these were pictures of the woman from What Not to Wear. His jaw just dropped. Since I had totally forced him to watch that episode with me, he knew the frumpiness that was Hillary. I tell you, I don’t even know who that girl was because damn, y’all. Just check out these pictures and read what Hillary has to say about the experience.

Photographer  Kristyn Hogan

Make-Up/Hair  Amy Lynn Larwig



What made you decide that a boudoir shoot was the way to go versus a bridal session?

To me, a bridal session was kind of boring compared to a boudoir. I have a great love of photography, and my husband is a photographer-- so I knew he'd really appreciate a boudoir session as a gift. It was also the most fun way of playing adult dress-up!


Would you consider yourself body conscious? If not, great! If yes, please explain how you overcame that for the boudoir shoot.

I am body conscious-- I've been heavier all of my life, and while I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life both then and now, I kind of felt like I might be too "lumpy." To conquer that, I really played up the positive thinking and trusted that I was going to have fun with it. I also drank some frozen margaritas, which really helped lower the inhibitions a bit. The more I had fun with it and really dove in and just said "this is going to rule!" the better I felt and the more positive the outcome. I channeled my inner sex kitten and rocked it out!!


tsb 3

tsb 4

Did you do anything to "prep" for the shoot? Diet? Exercise? Shopping?

I had a lingerie shower about a month before the shoot, and my friends did a great job at treating me to some gorgeous pieces. I was really super lucky in that respect.  The weekend before the shoot, I went out to Victoria's Secret and supplemented with some things that I felt I wanted or needed for the shoot.

The week before, I drank a lot of water to stay hydrated, I was already on a diet and exercise program so I just watched my calories the same. I also invested in a professional make-up artist to do hair and makeup, which was well worth the expense and went a long way in making me feel beautiful and confident for the shoot.

The only other thing I did, which may sound kind of strange, is that I did a lot of research online at other boudoir sessions and pin up sessions, and I practiced poses and looks in the mirror and practiced without a mirror-- just to get comfortable and trying new things. That really helped me to feel like there were certain looks I was more comfortable doing, and let me take direction from my photog a bit better as well.



What was your comfort level during the shoot? Please explain how you felt.

I feel totally confident with my photographer, as she's my friend, and the makeup artist—she’s my friend too, so we were able to chat and be honest and just have a good time leading up to and during the shoot. I didn't feel self conscious at all, surprisingly-- that came later when I looked at my pics. Some of them I was overly judge-y of myself on-- it just takes time to revise that way of thinking where you see flaws far before you see benefits :) I felt really empowered during the shoot-- I felt self confident and sexy, and that was really awesome. I didn't fully expect that--- to feel this really almost elemental energy coursing through my veins, but I did and it was amazing! 




Would you do this again?

I would love to do it again. I plan on doing it at least once a year-- not just for my beau, but for me-- to reconnect with myself, have fun playing dress up, use all that lingerie-- it's a really great self-renewing escape, and I can't recommend it enough to women. If you're on the fence, seriously, take the plunge! It's too fun not to!

Don’t you just love it! And I love how her boobs aren’t fake and her skin is all peaches and cream and she just looks incredible! Thank you so much for sharing Hillary! You are a brave woman! 


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Reader Comments (3)

Thanks to you, I now read Hillary's blog every day. That girl has courage like whoa.

September 7, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJennie

Beautiful shots! She rocked this.

September 7, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKelly

is it appropriate to just say DAAAAAAANGGGGG! And, red shoe shots. Love.

September 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJoanna

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