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TruLu Couture Give-Away!

Over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be promoting the hell out of TruLu Couture across the interwebs! Get ready to win some stuff!

I'm honored to say that the first give-away is being featured by Inconceivable Life (formerly My San Francisco Budget Wedding)! Tony and Sarah are a super-cool duo and I cannot WAIT until their wedding, for which they had to postpone and change locations! Talk about a wedding-planning challenge! Make sure you read her blog on the regular, it's totally worth the time suck!

I'm going to recap the contest here, but ya gotta go to Inconceivable Life to enter and win!

What's awesome is that you get a choice of what you want to win. Not in the mood for wedding-y veil stuff? No problem! The first item up for grabs is a Hand-Crocheted and Vintage Velvet Headband. Check it out!

I feel like every piece I make has some sort of story to tell. Is that weird? There are bits and pieces of what goes into a piece that I feel are so important! Maybe I'll just start telling those stories.

This headband is made of milk chocolate brown vintage (20+ years) velvet ribbon that I found at a lovely antique show. The permanent location was jam packed with sewing goodies from a woman who recently moved into a retirement community and had to part with her sewing and craft goodies (I find this a little sad, to be truthful). The three hand crocheted flowers were made by my mom. She crochets like the wind. She can sit there and have a freaking conversation about ergonomic chairs (or something equally weird) and her fingers fly like the wind. At the end of the conversation, an afghan is made. OK, maybe I’m exaggerating just a little. But seriously, she can crochet anything and she’s been willing to help me in my endeavors. So, each crocheted flower has a light ivory pearl center. These are accented by a cluster of vintage pearl-bead “flowers” (acquired at the same antique show) and two guinea feathers. The headband decoration is backed with felt for stability and the whole thing is 48″ long.

The next item up for grabs is a birdcage veil, of sorts. Check it out, though I am despising these photos! Can I tell you how hard it is to photograph veils when all you have is a Styrofoam head that’s painted black and sitting on black poster board in the DIY light box made with foam board and duct tape? Trust me, it’s hard.


The birdcage veil is made in a bandeau style with small metal combs at each end. One end has the hand-sewn vintage (20+ years) light ivory appliques. The whole thing from top-of-the-comb to top-of-the-comb is 16” long. I was inspired to do this piece after I saw Veronica’s AH-MAZING gown she made for a bride on her blog My Hands Made It. She had similar tea-stained appliques that she layered all over the bodice of the gown. I remembered I had some similar but vintage appliques and I went digging and found them in a drawer. I sat and stared at them for a while before this idea came to me, but the inspiration to dig out these suckers came from Veronica, fo sho’. Her work is glorious.

This is the other side of the veil. I made a little pouf on the end, just for some dimension and playfulness. The comb is underneath and just gets tucked away. What I love about this piece (and can’t show you because I do not have a human head stashed away for impromptu photo shoots) is that you can also wear this more like a headband if you want. I actually love it this way, it’s more ethereal and halo-like. The below is the best picture I could come up with to show this feature, but I know, it kinds sucks.


I recently saw the look I’m trying to describe on a wedding blog, but now I can’t remember which one, otherwise I’d steal the pic and show you. Imagination is what you’ll have to work with here, people! I do know that when I was sewing it, The Candyman (who rarely comments on my work) looked over my shoulder and said, “Whatever that is? It’s going to be really pretty when you’re done.” Does that help?

So head on over to Inconceivable Life and enter to win either piece! Make sure you follow her rules to win. Contest runs through Thursday, May 26th, with the winner announced on Friday. AND, if you enter and don’t win? Just email me at trulucouture@gmail.com and you’ll get free shipping on any item you buy! Hurry and enter!

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Reader Comments (3)

You made the croheted flowers look SO pretty! I am super proud to be a part, however small, of your endeavour!

May 24, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMom

Okay, first - thank you, you are awesome. Second, I totally looked at the birdcage and thought "wow, that lace is so similar to the lace I used on Monica's gown!". Hahaha. Third, I LOVE THAT DANG THING.

May 25, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterveronica

Simple things turn outs so cool and very beautiful! Great!

February 6, 2012 | Unregistered Commentercustom essay

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