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Friday, January 7, 2011 at 6:00AM
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Hey you!

Yes, you.

There’s a cool new bridal show coming your way on January 16, 2011! Guess where? Athens, Georgia – that’s where!  You know Athens, Georgia right? It’s the home of the B52’s, REM, The Georgia Bulldogs, Herschel Walker (for all you lady football fans) and an old, favorite personal haunt, the 40 Watt Club (Jane’s Addiction in 1989? The. Best. Show. Ever.). Athens has been known as a portal to all things indie and hip and cool so it’s no surprise that its got a groovy new bridal show coming up. You should go! For real. It's called the Atelier Bridal Art + Style Show.

Over the course of next week, I’ll be featuring a handful of selected artists who will be in attendance at the show. So, if for some lame reason you can’t make it (um, like maybe you don’t live nearby, which is the ONLY excuse I’ll accept), you can certainly check out their links and goodies for sale. I’m telling you, there’s going to be some pretty cool stuff, so make sure you visit all next week!

Until then, here’s the low down on the Athens, Georgia, Atelier Bridal Art + Style Show!


French. ah-tel-ya
1. An artist's or designer's studio or workroom
2. Workshop

ATELIER is the first ever art- and style-focused bridal trade show in the Southeast.  They have partnered with individuals and independent businesses that are able to bring the elements of design and the timelessness of elegance and originality into a bride and groom's special day. The aim is to cater to different types of couples: the bride and groom who want to go all-out with the indie, artsy theme, as well as the more traditional couple who just wants to add a tad bit of flair, personality or unconventionality to their wedding.

At Atelier, they believe that a wedding is the coming together of two individuals -- not two androids, robots or soulless caricatures -- and therefore must encompass a couple's personality, history and story. A wedding is just another form of story-telling, and there are no other elements that can better express this than handmade, local, sustainable, charitable, personalized, custom or independently-designed goods and services. A wedding rooted in love is a feast made of and from love; a feast that very simply awakes or evokes sound, touch, taste, smell and sight.

They are partnering with Hotel Indigo, Athens' LEED-certified lifestyle, boutique hotel. Like Indigo, Atelier vendors believe that events should not only make a statement, but make a positive impact on the environment and the community.

The runway show, online features and print presence will be produced by blvd. Magazine, Athens' fashion and lifestyle authority.

Their first bridal show, or as they like to call it, first soiree, will be held at Hotel Indigo on January 16, 2011, Sunday.

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